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Manifesto: The Manifested-illusion.

Four years had passed since the last Manifesto with so much promises was made.

The Prime Minister said he will give us the progress report; but where is it? and did he carry out the performance review of what was promised and what was achieved?

There were promises of peace and prosperity, and a more transparent and clean government. It was suppose to achieve Germilang, Cemerlang and Terbilang (Glorious, excellence, distinguish). Instead what was achieved was Temberang, Curang dan Berulang.

The 2004 Manifesto promised zero corruption, and we have IGP being investigated for corruption, ACA chief being investigated, Internal Security Minister also investigated, Judges and Chief Justices being investigated, Attorney-general seen having holidays with lawyers and his tycoon, Ministers and Excos being investigated; and all declared clean even with elements of Res Ipsa Loquitur.

The 2004 manifesto also promises to eradicate poverty and promote meritocracy. But what we achieved is but a new classification and definition of poverty and meritocracy.

The 2004 Manifesto promises prosperity and peace, but what we observed is Khairy and Scomi had achieved billionaire status, and the PM had married a new wife. Peace now means using the police to fire tear gas and water cannons lazed with chemicals to suppress freedom of expression and the suppression of information of corruption and nepotism.

Now in 2008, the new Manifesto promises more:

It now promises, or should I say, re-promise to raise the nation’s productivity (which it couldn’t do for the last 4 years);

It now promise to cushion the effects of rising prices (where we observed that prices had been rising sharply over the 4 years and roti canai is now double the price);

It now promise to create two million job opportunity (you don’t have to create it; if investors comes and setup their business here, they will employ);

It promise to further reduce the Budget deficit (how to reduce budget deficit when we have so much pillages and pilferages, eg: PKFZ. In 2004, the promise to cut Budget deficit was to cut down the mega projects but all those mega projects were resurrected and in fact more were invented and manufactured);

The new promise is to have more development funds without the need to increase taxes (wait; after the election watch the rise in price of petrol, transportation and the chain effect);

The repeated promise of eradicating poverty of the rich (because the rich believed they are still poor);

The repeated promise to reduce corruption (we won’t hear of corruption anymore because it will be redefined as commissions, consultancy fees, finding fees,or any name that sounds professional)

The repeated promise to built better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims through Islam Hadhari (but what about better understanding of other religions by Muslims and non-Muslims???)

etc, etc, etc.

NST declared that BN promises prudence and accountability, and are therefore defined as EXPANSIVE.

DAP promises big spending and are classified as EXPENSIVE.

Let’s observe DAP’s 8-Point Manifesto:

1) To ensure safer streets and establish an IPCMC;
2) To provide better living standards;
3) To establish a Malaysian-first economic policy;
4) To provide quality education;
5) To provide a healthy environment for the future generation;
6) To provide gender equality and youth empowerment;
7) To establish a clean government; and
8) To ensure democracy and freedom.

So, it is Expressive or Expensive?

However, DAP also promised a bonus of up to RM6,000 per family for households earning RM6,000 or less per annum of which the bonus money will come from Petronas. That way, Petronas will be bankrupted. It should come from savings, savings from cost of poor quality, savings from pillages and pilferages which amounts to much more than RM35 billion per annum.
This point of contention, I do not agree. Malaysia cannot use Petronas money for whims and fancies; we must be realistic and prudent; otherwise the nation goes bankrupt. Learn a lesson from Singapore and see how they manage their economy without the natural resources and yet they never need to have Budget deficits and sovereign foreign debts. They had in excess of $100 billion of savings. Malaysia have in excess of hundreds of billions of sovereign debts.

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